World’s Largest Hybrid Ship Entering Service in 2024

Brittany Ferries said the world’s largest hybrid ship, the Saint-Malo, will begin traveling on a route between France and England in 2024. French shipping company Brittany Ferries has announced the start-up date for the world’s largest hybrid ship, the Saint-Malo, for its future fleet. The hybrid ship will operate on a route from St. Malo, France, to Portsmouth, England. Brittany Ferries said that a total of 3 hybrid ships were built by Stena RoRo using Wartsila’s hybrid technology. 

Two hybrId shIps wıll serve on the same route

The 195-metre-long hybrid ship will have a battery with a capacity of 11.5 MWh, which it says is about twice the size of the battery most existing hybrid ships have. Brittany Ferries said that the world’s largest hybrid ship, Saint-Malo, will begin operations in 2024. A second hybrid ship will enter service on the same route shortly after Saint-Malo. The company stated that they will continue to work with their partners for sustainable transportation.


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